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Waterloo Biofilter on Site Sewage System:: On-Site Wastewater Treatment

The Waterloo Biofilter® is a patented trickle-filter type treatment system which uses an innovative filter medium to treat residential and industrial wastewater. Wastewater is sprayed intermittently onto the medium and is allowed to drain through by gravity. Organic biomass grows quickly within the medium after start-up, oxidizing organic material and nitrifying ammonia in the wastewater as it passes over the biomass layer.

Because the Biofilter medium is contained in a tank, it is effective under all soil or drainage conditions and substantially outperforms its nearest rival the sand filter bed. Existing facilities are treating flows of less than 1000 L/day to more than 300,000 L/day (250 to 90,000 gal/day).

The Waterloo Biofilter® is a great improvement to the conventional septic system and can have optional add-ons to remove nitrogen, phosphorus and pathogens.


The system's only moving part, the quiet aerating blower is located above ground, in an unobtrusive pump housing that can be placed up to 100 feet away. It needs no oil or lubrication and the reusable air intake filter is easily cleaned off twice a year.

To activate the continuous circulation of wastewater through the flowpath, the above ground air-lift [3] introduces air into the MicroFAST® System.

See above diagram:
[1] Sewage wastewater from household drains flow into MicroFAST®
[2] Natural separation and settling occur as effluent enters the bio-reactor.
[4] In the bio-reactor, the MicroFAST Honeycomb Media (below) and fresh air provide an ideal environment for a beneficial colony of aerobic (oxygen requiring) micro-organisms to thrive.
This colony is referred to as a fixed biomass. The fixed biomass actively consumes all biological waste.
[5] Clear and odorless, neutralized water exits MicroFAST ready for standard or innovative dispersal.

The MicroFAST Honeycomb Media provides the high surface to volume ratio to maintain exceptional biomass growth during peak, average and low usage. 

All organic contaminants like proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, viruses and other toxic micro-organisms are completely consumed by the fixed biomass. The biomass remains "fixed" and "activated" within the aeration zone to consume all new incoming waste, venting only simple carbon dioxide and air.

MicroFAST® are designed for use in all configurations of residential homes, recreational dwellings and clustered housing developments. The larger MicroFAST® Septic Systems are also recommended for upgrading struggling municipal sewage treatment plants, providing affordable options versus centralized sewer systems.

MicroFAST Septic Systems have been tested, approved and certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Canadian Great Lakes (CGL), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the US Coast Guard, US Electrical Systems, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), European Union (CE), European Electrical Systems (including EES Tropical Certification), the National Sanitation Foundation, the U.K. Department Of Trade, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the Australian Department Of Transportation, the Royal Australian Navy and SASSO (Saudi Arabia).

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